What will today bring ?

Every day bring us a new challange in one way or another even if we dont relize it each day i try to be posative, helpfull and not moan as much as the prevoius day but working with the public can put a lot of strain on this theory so try to do to others what you can expect of them and it might just all work out nicely .if not just count to 10...........or in my case a 110 !!!

Saturday, 25 December 2010

happy christmads

happy christmas to all my fellow knitting folk have a gud time and a wounderfull full knitting new year

Friday, 5 November 2010

magic knits

With two projects finished ......yes i know a new one is started ..........

Found some lovely self patterning yarn in this lovely knitting shop along sewil highway ......OMG .... its like Aladdin's cave
i was lost for hours the lady in the shop even asked me if i would like a cuppa as i was in there that long but there was so much to choose from and well i just cant help myself
i only went in for buttons
i wanted a project to do that didn't require thinking one that you can just pick up and put down  well i found this ooh
its knitted side ways and after blocking the fronts will fall lovely ..........well im sold
mixture of pinks and grey
the wool i have chosen is Jame c Brett lovely self
 patterning and even tho its DK its quiet thick wool so i bought an extra ball just in case so far looking

black tweed

just a few picks to show you my finished cardie love this and had loads off compliments it looks like  a shop bought one .....um is that a good thing or bad ....you tell me ?

Cardigan for mum

Last Christmas i knitted a card for mum but as yet i haven't seen here wear it so this year i thought id give it another go .........why do i bother
i finished the cardie and brought it in to work to show my sister Jackie i thought as i was knitting it it was coming up large so jac can help me out
when i showed jac ...........um mm she  said no that will drown mum she  kept going on she wont wear it Na no she just put it up and not bother she kept going on .... i was getting a bit fed up with her negativity then she proceeded to undo the buttons and try it on her self obviously it fitted her a treat as i said oh well you can have it but you wouldn't wear it would you ....i was shocked as she said oh great year ill have it its lovely and all day she produced this cardie out to all the customers to show off ........that girl will never cease to surprise me never would i have knitted anything like that for her but as true to her word they went away to France last week and she wore it i must get a photo of her with it on so for now this is the cardie in question

Mums loss

Jackies gain

preaty lace edging  the wool i used was lovely and soft with a small wool content so washed up  great              

finished at last

Well l finally finished my pink jacket and i must say I'm very pleased with.
it still looking for a nice large button bin every wear and looked on line but cant fins anything i like so far ................so using a nice pin brooch at the mo what do you think

 i changed this slightly to the original pattern as i had some wool left over i decided to put a shall collar on and i must say it turned out rather well

Top Hat !

The weather has turned cold and on goes the heating so decided to knit myself some new gloves
the pattern is  an old sirdar pattern i found in a charity shop , had some wool left over from my crofter long line cardigan its so soft and warm.....................they turned out so nice that i decided to knit a hat too.......
.what do you think
well holly looks wounder full modeling them  what can i say she must get it from her mother ......
 this is the pattern that i used i think ill have a go at the mittens next they look like fun

Friday, 17 September 2010

Go sis

My sister has actual asked me to help her find a project for her to do over the winter as she is fed up without a project or something to do .................well blow me away.
For years she has watched me be very passionate about my knitting and smiled at how enthusiastic i can get
when a fellow customer comes into the shop and we start talking about yarn pattens and so froth,she shakes her head as if to say her she goes again .

Well i have found some lovely chunky self patterning yarn and have cast on and ..............whooos shes away so far i have only had to put one mistake right ..but I'm waiting for the visit of night time (Jon take me to Dee's I've gone wrong )
secretly though i am very proud of her shes going great since she hasn't picked up the pin for at least 20yrs plus......cant wait to she how it goes i shall keep you posted

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

chunky crofter waistcoat

the weather on holiday want that wonderful for the few days that it rained i managed to complete my waist coat....
It took me longer to find some nice buttons to set it off .......the ones i put on it i don't really like but they will do till i find some that jump out at me

 i loved knitting with this wool its so cleaver how the stripes turn out, the waistcoat is mainly stocking stitch apart from the cabled boarder which sets it all off nicely

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Finished at last

Well Ive finished my green sparkly cardie and im very pleased with it
the only thing is its a little bit big but that was the smallest size i knitted next time i might go down a needle size just to make it a little smaller but i have had lots of comments on how nice it looks what do you think?

i have some cream sparkly yarn i think this pattern would look nice knitted up in that too.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

finish what i started

Well i have had a run on projects for a while now and I'm really going to try hard to finish off some project and make room for new ones .

Before you know it will be Christmas and this year i wanted to get round to actually knitting up the mother and farther Christmas pattern Ive has since the kids were little .....

tryed to concentrate on all my short sleeve and summer project because else i wont have time to wear them before cold weather hits again as its only 2o weeks till Christmas (one of my OAPs informed me today .arrrrrrrrr)
where has this year flew...sound like an OAP  now ...........lol
so here's an update on a few bit near completion .dare i say it

Black tweed cardie
Have finished the two founts and back just got the cap sleeves and bands to do ...really pleased with this .......

the wool is so soft will feel lovely next to your skin

purple shrug

half way through my shrug and its looking nice
 just deciding tho whether to pick up stitches and knit a boarder round the inside of it to make it more of a bollareo style cardie .....
will have to see how much yarn i have got left first ......um mm

i have compleated two founts and the sleaves on my green sparkly
just the back to do now..........its looking nice  very pleased with it

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Ebay Bargins

Well i have bought a bit of yarn off EBay.....and i hate to admit it ....I'M HOOKED....
i resited and just bought the three lots ............it arrived .i was so excited just like a little kiddy............the blue cotton i have put up
the RED BRUSHED FLUFFY STUFF ........ooh so Delicious.I'm saving it got to find the right pattern for that as Ive got about 800grm and that's enough to do big jacket and a matching top for me.............

So i started on the sirdar ocean  shell pink............nearly finished the two fronts already....

what do you think .isn't it GORGEOUS..............I'm in heaven!

the pattern I'm using is a bit boring so as usual i have adapted it just for me ..ha

Monday, 2 August 2010

Loopy tissue take 3

Well I've finished the tissue box for Holly's bedroom and i must say i rather like this one my self goes nicely with her room


The sparkly yarn is lovely very girly...................

really easy to make ...........but look lovey don't you think!!

Charlotte's bedroom is black and white so will have to think up
nice design for her............modan,,,with big lilies perhaps?

Watch this space ...aah....tissue..

Sunday, 1 August 2010

no will power

Well i did try and i lasted about  a week .....................and then my yarn arrived from EBay and i just had to cast on straight away..........sorry
I was looking at the sirdar ocean pattern and i didn't like any of them so as this yarn is a chunky needle size 10 i have found a nice pattern for a bolero type cardie and as usual put my stamp on it changing a few things along the way ..............
so far so good its coming along nice .
but i will get my black tweed cardie finished soon just sleeves to go so not all is bad

Friday, 30 July 2010

Not much .........

HI there fellow knitters ...

well i have been very busy these last few weeks and not had much time to say hello
I AM trying very hard too try and finish off some of the projects that i have started and put down to cast on yet more projects .....after having a mad tidy up i counted at least 10 things half finished so I've made a promise to myself that i can not cast on ANY more till I've finished these one ...............i know that its gonna kill me but i will just have to resist............

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Fat club & Knitting

Tuesday night i was sitting on the computer trying to sort out my blog post on ravelry ...and as you can see getting very fed up .............but now that's all sorted big pat on the back to me ....any way side tracking . whilst i was on ravelry looking at how to actually post something on a groups page i came across a weight watchers group ...............HOW FAB IS THAT .........fat folk like me trying to slim and love knitting. well i was so chuffed in finding it i just had to share this with you all............the two things important to me (well apart from mart & the girls ........of course) is slimming and knitting ........i know your thinking how sad is this women but hey ho we haven't all got wonderful fun packed lives to lead and the ones that have ...............there just  telling fibs really ............ha

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Even More

Now what Else have i bin getting up to ..........oh yes have a look at these
there beginning to grow just another 40 or so to make but i started to sew them together as to see if i liked the way they looked and so far i do .
When i have got them altogether Jane my fellow knitwit is going to teach me how to crochet a lovely board round the blanket to finish it off..................cant wait .......granny squares are deffo making a come back ............well that's what i keep telling myself

more more more

A girl cant have enough sparkly things in her wardrobe.........don't you agree and when i saw this wounder full yarn it was just screaming to me .........Dee buy me please ........well i just had too didn't i

I'm knitting a lovely laced edge to edge cardi and i must say its coming along nicely I'm really pleased with it the yarn has got a sparkly thread running through it so i thought it might be scratchy next to the sink ..........but know its rather soft............and green

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

finised projects

Just thought id share with you my delight in a few fished projects final got the pic done and I'm still grinning with the results......what do you think have a look. I have never knitted with cotton before and was worried how it would turn out but i must say it fits lovely and washed great didn't go baggy at all i like it that much that i have cast on another just like it in a black fleck yarn cant wait to see how that turns out

I finished it f with some lovely diamond buttons they were a little bit on the expensive side at 85p each but it needed a bit of sparkle and so i just couldn't resist

hooray.i did it

Well after spending many many hours on the computer i have managed to link my blog posts to my ravelry page ............ha you may laugh such a small simple task for some PPS but for me ...NOT!

How come i can show a customer in the shop how to do a loopy stitch for her toy hedgehog's off the top of my head but tyring to link these posts has baffled me for months..........i sometimes amaze myself ......its quiet scary ...........

One day I'm going to surprise you all

Crazy knitwit........thats me!: I hate computors

Crazy knitwit........thats me!: I hate computors

I hate computors

i am trying to work out how to get my blog feeds on to racelry and im not having much luck ...........arrrrrrrrrrrrr feellikescreaming

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Godiva fun

Well i have had a really good time today sitting in a tent knitting and having a good laugh with my fellow knitwiters
Thank you for inviting me.
The festival was really busy there were thousands of people all over the park and we had quiet a few come and have a look at all our hard work that we had all made .
Jane was busy at her knitting machine pushing back and forth no wounder shes got muscles like Arnold's...lol
i was amazed at how it work and produces pieces so quickly ...think shes got me hooked
Martyn came down to find us and was looking at the workings of the machine so might work on him a bit more to have a go myself.............ha
All in all i had a super afternoon sitting knitting chatting ..the two things that I'm very good at.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Tidy Frenzy

Well i have sorted out all my wool stash................and it took a while but is neat and tidy put away so now i have no excuse to not finish off some of my ongoing projects that i have found stuffed at the back of the cuboard so hears a challange i have set myself  a goal to finish off at least 4 projects and blog them all .........BEFORE casting on any thing els ,,,,,,,,,,,,will i be able to do it lets see??????????????

Lets see if im still smilling then

Monday, 7 June 2010

Beautiful Bump

Before I went on holiday I was knitting like mad trying to finish a little baby cardie that i was doing for Julie one of my fellow knit whits .
The weds nite before ,Julie walked in looking very tired with her wonderful bump and I didn't realize that she had only a couple of weeks left (her bump looks so tidy and not dropped i thougth she had longer ).
well that night I got home and got cracking on this little cardi for her bump.

I wanted to do the best i could because being a very gifted Lady herself I could hardly offer her shoddy work now can I.

All the other knit whits had been secretly knitting 4 inch square in various patterns to form a baby blanket, to give to Julie.
I proceed to make several of these squares but was too embraced to hand mine in there s were just sooooooooo fancy so i thought id have a go at this cardie instead .
I was pleased how it turned out .I decided t6o knit the smallest size so the baby can wear it straight away before you know they have grow so quickly and sometimes its nice to see something fitting and not to have to roll the sleeves up ten times .
I wish her all the luck and happiness in the world ..........and cant wait to see the new arrival .

Relaxed time to Knit

Well after having a wounder full week away in our caravan the sun has been splitting and i have been knitting like mad to the sound of birds tweeting and the kids (screaming) nearly idyllic i suppose ha

But i have come on in leaps and bounds with my cotton cardie and Ive only the sleeves left to do .

i have defiantly feel in love with cotton its so nice to knit with and feels so soft against your skin i think I'm hooked
although i do need to get some projects finished before i cast on ANY THING ELSE!!!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Cotton Crazy

After getting over the delight of my bargain knitting basket i went down to the wool stall .
I fancy knitting a Cotton cardie for thr summer (well that's if we get one ha ).
Ive never knitted in cotton before so here my first attempt.
I'm using Sirdar cotton calico a 50/50 mix as it my first time the lady recommended it just doing a short sleeve summer cardie cant wait to cast on.......yet another project ..i blame those knit wits .................you know who you are its all your fault you've got me hooked !!!!

Bargin Basket

Today was my day off and as i was doing my usual walk round Ball hill market and a bacon batch at the rose bud cafe(its a tradition I've got myself into )Popped into the charity shop theve got 4 in ball hill i love having a good old rummage i asked the lady behind the desk if she had any old knitting patterns and to my delight she had loads .......ooh i got all excited especially wen she said they were only 20p each.
As i handed over the money with big smile she said to me did you not spot the knitting basket over there in the corner no i looked over and to my eager delight there was the largest framed knitting basket and it was only £3.00 Bargain i snapped her hand off.
My hubby bought me one for Christmas last year and its only half the size yet it cost him over £25.00 from hobby craft.
Well if you could see my face Looked like the cat who got the cream ( the whole bloody dairy farm. ........lol)
Dont you just love charity shops ...........I'm addicted

tissue tissue .........looking posh

Well finished my tissue box cover for my sister and her new decorated front room and if i say so myself it looks fab sitting there on her table even she had to say how lovely it looked and that was hard for her as she is not a knitting fan like us ...............(i know its shame she is still om the dark side ) lol
After sewing on over 180 small beads my thumb and finger dropped off.but the overall result looks great i decided to line it as well because of the lace pattern the writing on the box showed through the holes and all you could see was asda tissues and that was not a good look .......lol

Since finishing i have had quite a few request so might set up a cosy shop ..um maybe not!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Not much ....!

Well not much to report I'm afraid the time is going bye so quickly May is here all ready and nothing to look forward to .
I have started some more small projects off they seamed to get finished quicker as my hearts not in it at the mo...don't know why ?
I need a holiday i think roll on the summer

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Well i managed to get some yarn that matched up and have finished off my waist coat and well I'm very pleased . I wore it to work today and lots of my ladies all commented on it ....my head was so big i couldn't get it through the door ...............lol
i have taken some pick and will put them up soon see what you think!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Bother Bother!!!!!

Don't you just want to scream when you go to all the trouble of checking everything and make sure you have got every thing you need before you start a project and then just as you get towards the end you run out of wool ...........arrrrr im so MAD.

I had a large 400gram ball of aran wool and started knitting a waist coat I've done the two fronts an back there lovely knitted up so well I'm really chuffed with them but as the large ball started to collapse i re-wound the ball and ....um i thou rt to my self there never going to be enough here to do the bands and cap sleeves .

I double checked the pattern again to see was Inot looking at the wright thing ...... no it says for the size i was doing i only needed 8, 50gram balls and i had one large 400gram ball..........

well I'm not unraveling it all and i know that its cardinal sin ..........but I'm going to try and match up the wool and knit up the cap sleeves and bands .
I will just not be able to wear it next to any of my knitting ladies as they will properly be able to tell a mile off .................I'm so mad....

well praps its my own fault for buying the BARGAIN wool in the first place.......ha that will teach me

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Small Projects

I love small projects at the moment they seam to be catching hold of me , its nice to be able to do something in a couple of nights sew it up and then show it off ........... think its because of the stress levels we all put ourselves through each day its nice to be able to chill.....as my teenager would say....... .take a chill pill mum

We've all bin coughing and spluttering in our house and been going through boxes and boxes of tissues. the boxes always look so boring so i decided to knit a cover to cheer us up whilst all snotting together.Im really chuffed how it turned out I vie now been giver orders in different colors for all my Friends ..........arr bless you !