What will today bring ?

Every day bring us a new challange in one way or another even if we dont relize it each day i try to be posative, helpfull and not moan as much as the prevoius day but working with the public can put a lot of strain on this theory so try to do to others what you can expect of them and it might just all work out nicely .if not just count to 10...........or in my case a 110 !!!

Friday, 5 November 2010

Top Hat !

The weather has turned cold and on goes the heating so decided to knit myself some new gloves
the pattern is  an old sirdar pattern i found in a charity shop , had some wool left over from my crofter long line cardigan its so soft and warm.....................they turned out so nice that i decided to knit a hat too.......
.what do you think
well holly looks wounder full modeling them  what can i say she must get it from her mother ......
 this is the pattern that i used i think ill have a go at the mittens next they look like fun

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