What will today bring ?

Every day bring us a new challange in one way or another even if we dont relize it each day i try to be posative, helpfull and not moan as much as the prevoius day but working with the public can put a lot of strain on this theory so try to do to others what you can expect of them and it might just all work out nicely .if not just count to 10...........or in my case a 110 !!!

Monday, 5 January 2015

Look back at 2014

Last year was a good year I made lots of new knitting friends, learnt new skills and created lots of lovely things 
Here's a few that I will share with you all 

I had lots of fun with my VR cushions  thanks to Mandy for the lovely pattern they came out fab. 
The first one I made in super chunk and it makes a normal size cushion the second two I made in just normal chunky and so they came out smaller but so cute 

Learning to crochet was a big task last year and I now enjoy it just as much as knitting I'm still learning how to read a pattern but I'm getting there slowly and have even managed to make a few things to sell as comitions 


Back to the knitting we seamed to have a lot of baby's expected so I have completed a few sets of theses to 


A couple of novelty knits and there's still more to come 

A cardigan for grandma 

And a daft hat for trudy 
There were so many creations that I didn't have time to photo them all let's hope 2015 will bring many more hours of creativity for is all enjoy...........

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