What will today bring ?

Every day bring us a new challange in one way or another even if we dont relize it each day i try to be posative, helpfull and not moan as much as the prevoius day but working with the public can put a lot of strain on this theory so try to do to others what you can expect of them and it might just all work out nicely .if not just count to 10...........or in my case a 110 !!!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Snow Snow ......go away

Thank god its getting warmer.

I dont like the cold weather myself .....
even when i was a child I would rather be wrapped up in the warm and look at the snow from out the window.

My bab loves the snow and was out there all day producing this fine specamin........

I just need to get Marty set on that garden now ready for that long awaited hot ,hot hot, summer that they promissed us ...............well we can live in hope!

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