What will today bring ?

Every day bring us a new challange in one way or another even if we dont relize it each day i try to be posative, helpfull and not moan as much as the prevoius day but working with the public can put a lot of strain on this theory so try to do to others what you can expect of them and it might just all work out nicely .if not just count to 10...........or in my case a 110 !!!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

well hi there pps ........... ive never done this before so im a first timer so please excuse the spellings and poor pc knowlage as i havet got any both my sisters got that.

however what they didnt get but i did was my great pasion for all things crafy.
over the years i have mad so many different things glueing sticking sewing and knitting and i love it my mum taught me to knit when i was about 6 or 7 she made a few small project over the years but wasnt a great lover of sitting there night after night watching the tv knitting .

i soon got the hang of it and started on small project tea cosy scarf and such and thats when the creative juces got flowing.
i would sit up for hours making lots of thing some worked out but others defenatly didnt, but they were all self taught.Over the years as my confidance grew i asked the lady in the wool shop for advice and have managed to learn a bit of knowlage through trial and error, but for years i have wanted to join a knitting group.
As i work full time (as a fabulous creative hairdresses, well youve got to blow your own trumpet ) the groups i could find were only in the day time at local comunity centera and churches so i will have to battle it out on my own.
we were going on holiday in our caravan and i always take my knitting with me as we drive the long way to devon i can sit and do it in he car marty my husband was never a great talker in the car he says that he can never get a word in ! but i dont no what he means ..........lol
while we were away i treated myself to a copy of the Simply knitting monthly magazine i dont buy it very often as half the time i just look at the pictures and wounder why i cant make things like that well as i sat in the car eating my crusty pork pie and listen to the kids fighting and arguing in the back whos sausage roll was the bigest and complaining to marty that its not fair i lost myself in my mag ...........oh my god i jumped up droped my pork pie bashed my head on the dash board of the car.. mart look look i cried its a knitting group and its in coventry were we live ,he looked at me as if ive lost the plot and then complained that id got mess all in his freshly cleaned car.
All the way home i was so excited i couldnt wait to get on the internet to find out more i sent an email to the organiser and she invitd me to join them at there next meeting.
Wednesday evening approched and i was a nervous wreck what was wrong with me im a grown women who has her owm haidressing salon ,talks to stranges allday yet the thourgt of walking in to the Britainer hotel to meet these ladies was churning me up. marty droped me at the door and left to his badminton game i stood there froze to the spot thinking what to do well if i was to go home now i'd have to get the bus so i walked in ,the place was full of older people stoping in the hotel i didnt know where i was going and walked straight in to the restrant bit ,what a fool my face bright red i tured on my heels and ran out.
Once i was out side i rang my sister .i cant see any one i told her i feel so stupid im getting the bus home ....no no she said dont be daft go back in its after 7pm now so there should be folk in there as. i was talking to her on the phone a lady came through the door with a hand knit jacket on so i thort she must be part of the group so i say bye to jac and gingerly walked back through to the bar .
In the courner of the bar were two ladies sitting chatting and knitting i walked up to them and said hello is this tha coventry knit whit group .my legs were shaking and i felt such a prat but they were very nice and invited me to sit down the organiser lady wasnt there yet so the others didnt know of me so for the longest ten minuets of my life i think i just nervously chatted with out coming up for air i dont think theses two ladies new what to make of me cus i was just rambaling about rubish .When the lady arrived we all sat down i went to the bar to get a drink i could feel all these eyes on the back of my head as i stood there they proberly weret even looking but my imaginenation playin tricks on me.
Before long we were all chatting and laughing about the world and his wife the two hour just went like two minuets i was amazed at the knowlage of these ladies and how they were willing to share it all with me in just that short space of time i had alrady leard so much and soon i was asking loads of thing with out feeling stupid bye the end of the evening i was bussing all yhe was home chewing martys ear off withs she said this and she said that i think he was glad to go to bed just to get away from me and my kniting ha .
Well a whole week has come round again and i am going back tonight to see the group and hopefully now i no where to go i can enjoy myself and continue to learn new things and new freinds which more importanly to me that is why i have stared this blog...............

Iwould like to see if there are any other ladies out there like me who love to knitty and be crafty and share friendship with others and i hope to learn how to do more and actulay finish of a compleat project knitting can be fun it not just for little old ladies in rocking chairs sitting by the fire............besides if your to old you might get arthrighters and not be able to hold the needles drop them in the fire and all go up in smoke .........till tonight i'll keep you posted xxx


  1. Like your blog Dee
    Tip, use the spell check on your blog, before you publish