What will today bring ?

Every day bring us a new challange in one way or another even if we dont relize it each day i try to be posative, helpfull and not moan as much as the prevoius day but working with the public can put a lot of strain on this theory so try to do to others what you can expect of them and it might just all work out nicely .if not just count to 10...........or in my case a 110 !!!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The fresh start

well its about time that i got back on the right track and this afternoon i did just that i have been very dome and gloom this last few months and i one thing my sister has taught me is to take life by the short and curlys and spit in his face so that's what am doing as from now {i hope anyway lol}

I went for a drive and discovered Mrs Ts wool shop and tonight im going to there knit group i loved going to the Coventry knit wits and made some lovely Friends there a wonderful bunch of very gifted women and they taught me a lot but since they changed there venue i found it very difficult to get there and to see as its a very  dark meeting place so i have missed out on the company for many months.
so I'm hoping that i can be brave and go here tonight and rekindle my love of knit and natter

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